Concierge Magic: We make your "To-Do" list disappear!
We make your "To-Do" list disappear!

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Concierge Magic's personal assistance and concierge services are available through its various program offerings. We can also customize a program to meet specific needs. If you would like more information on any of our programs, just contact us for a free consultation. Program rates vary. We give you back time so you can focus on the things that really matter in life!

We offer the following programs: Busy Person Programs, Corporate Programs, and Tenant Amenities/Hotel Guest Relations Programs.

Busy Person Programs - For the busy person who needs help making his/her "To-Do" list disappear. Let us simplify your life and relieve your stress by taking on those mundane tasks.
  • A La Carte - An individual can order a service as needed by phone, email, or fax, and the applicable rates will be charged

  • Discounted Rates for Multiple Orders - Discounted rates are available if certain services are ordered in quantity.

  • Annual Membership - For those individuals who anticipate a regular need for services. Benefits include discounted rates for specific kinds of service, and a specified number of hours for certain services.

Corporate Programs - Ideal for companies looking to offer a timesaving benefit to their employees or to extend a value-added benefit to their customers.
  • TimeSaver Program - This program is designed to keep a company's workforce competitive. Employees can take advantage of a variety of timesaving services.

  • TimeSaver Program with On-Site Concierge - A Concierge Magic Associate is placed at the company's site to provide a customized offering of timesaving personal assistance and concierge services. A courier may be added for errand services, or certain errand services may be offered at an hourly rate with employees contributing to the fee payment.

  • Key Executive Program - A customized program that helps companies keep their key executives focused. A Concierge Magic Associate will be dedicated to one or more executives, and will coordinate their personal assistance and concierge needs.

  • Time On Us Rewards Program - A company can reward its outstanding employees by giving them personalized gift certificates redeemable for specific timesaving services.

  • Client Appreciation Program - Companies can thank clients for their business by offering them various value-added services such as gift shopping or vacation planning.

Tenant Amenities/Hotel Guest Relations Programs - Ideal for commercial/residential property owners or managers looking to attract and retain tenants by offering them timesaving and value-added benefits. Great for hotels who desire to offer concierge services or need to complement their existing concierge teams.
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